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Corrie Williamson
Senior Outreach Manager

Corrie works to increase awareness and support of American Prairie's conservation mission and to welcome the public to experience and enjoy the prairie. Born on a small farm in the foothills of Virginia's Appalachian mountains, Corrie moved to Montana in 2013, where she's worked since in outreach, communication, and education. She served for three years as the Outreach Director at AERO, working with farmers and ranchers around the state, and has been a naturalist and guide in Yellowstone National Park, a crew leader for the Student Conservation Association, and an adjunct professor at Carroll College and Helena College, teaching writing, communication, and environmental studies. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation, and is the author of two books, including a Montana Book Award Finalist. She currently lives in Lewistown.

"I think many folks are aware of what an important model American Prairie is for large scale ecosystem and habitat conservation, but what also excites me is the essential value of American Prairie as an evolving model for collaboration - with our agricultural community, tribes, hunters and anglers, government agencies, and nonprofits. And also with schools, artists, explorers, and more. I'm so thrilled to get to work on building and strengthening those connections, while helping folks better understand, access, and enjoy the prairie."