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Damien Austin
Vice President & Superintendent

Damien resides on the Reserve with his family and serves as the lead liaison for American Prairie’s bison management. He also works as one of our naturalist guides. Prior to joining American Prairie in 2010, Damien worked as Living Collection Keeper at Zoo Montana in Billings, Montana, and as Research Director at Floating Island International, an invention company specializing in water reclamation. Originally from Billings, Damien grew up with a backyard of sagebrush and grass that looked much like the Reserve. He enjoys living in the familiar prairie ecosystem and appreciates that American Prairie is a landscape-sized conservation project.

“We’re in the seed stage of the biggest and most genetically diverse conservation herd of bison in the world. Not only that, APR is setting aside a place where bison can really be a part of our grasslands again.”

The Grouse Dance of American Prairie Reserve