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Linda Jeschke
Director of Property & Assets

Linda is part of the Field team, and manages vehicles, buildings, and equipment—as well as people—to keep everything and everyone in good working order. She gets a lot of satisfaction from helping staff get the things they need in order to do their jobs well. She holds a BS in animal science from University of Illinois, an MS in outdoor education center management from Antioch University, and an MS in experiential education theory from Mankato State University.

Linda grew up working hard on a family farm in Illinois, where her family raised cows and grew corn and hay. She had a long career as a park ranger with the National Park Service, working in Montana, Wyoming and Alaska. In the middle of her park ranger years she spent 2 years on a ranch in Texas with longhorns and African wildlife.

She’s lived in remote places in Alaska and Texas, so she enjoys the solitude and weather out on the Reserve. She loves volunteering for local veterinarians. The skills she has learned help her take good care of her sled dogs, bird dogs, and search & rescue dog.

“I've been watching for an opportunity to join the APR Reserve team for 5 years and am thrilled to be working here. I love that the mission of our organization is going to provide healthy air, healthy water, and healthy soil for many generations of people, plants and wildlife.”