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The creation of the world’s next Hut-to-Hut System is an initiative unlike any other in our history – an invitation for visitors from all walks of life to explore this iconic landscape.

American Prairie Reserve’s Hut-to-Hut System builds on the successful models of long-distance hikes around the world, from the Great Walks of New Zealand and the Mont Blanc Trail across the Alps to the High Sierra camps of Yosemite and Scotland’s West Highland Way.

Slowly appearing on the horizon, the huts will be a welcome sight for people arriving by foot, horse, boat, or bike. Many visitors will also plan trips with a single hut as their basecamp, spending several days exploring the surrounding terrain and returning to the same hut each evening. 


Visitors will travel to the Hut-to-Hut System on American Prairie Reserve for an experience that can't be found anywhere else. And after their trips, they will share their tales of adventure, endless skies, and personal triumphs – creating an even bigger network of people that feel a sense of pride and ownership in this special landscape. 



American Prairie Reserve Hut-to-Hut System will offer a level of affordability, a sense of security, and shelter from the elements that appeal to a wide range of visitors, including families, well-traveled adventurers, seniors, youth programs, and less experienced campers.

Each site will have a standardized design that includes two thirty-foot yurts connected by tunnel. One half of the structure will offer a kitchen, tables, and gathering area while the other half includes sleeping space for nine visitors total. Additional features include climate control, solar-powered lighting, insulation for year-round use, and separate bathroom facilities. 

Conceptual Drawing


Across the 200-mile wide region of American Prairie Reserve, nine areas have already been identified as potential hut sites, from the PN in the west to Timber Creek in the east. Huts will be added over time as our fundraising efforts are successful, eventually forming a complete system with sites that are a day's travel from each other. 

Conceptual Map of Potential Hut Locations on Reserve Lands