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Landmark Adventure Science

In 2014, American Prairie Reserve partnered with Adventure Scientists to launch the Landmark program.

Outdoor enthusiasts have long been friends of the Reserve and this rugged and remote landscape. Through Landmark, we harness the power of this intrepid and naturally curious group to help us collect crucial science data that informs our wildlife and land management goals. 

This year, four-person survey crews will traverse the Sun Prairie, Sun Prairie North, White Rock, Dry Fork and Burnt Lodge regions of the Reserve - for two months or more at a time - to collect data using tablet technology and through camera trapping. With scientific guidance from the Reserve’s Lead Scientist, Kyran Kunkel, Landmark volunteers are helping with:

photo of mountain lion taken by camera trap on a Wild Sky ranch

COMING SOON: In 2016, American Prairie Reserve is collaborating with the Smithsonian to share Landmark camera trap data through eMammal. Stay tuned for a link to our eMammal page, where you’ll be able to access footage from Landmark cameras placed on the Reserve and neighboring ranches enrolled in our Wild Sky program. 


Adventure Science on American Prairie Reserve

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