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Scientific Advisory Council

American Prairie’s Scientific Advisory Council helps develop conservation priorities and strategies as well as offers counsel on the quality and relevance of scientific information being used and collected by American Prairie. As experts in the fields of conservation biology, environmental science and more, council members consult with American Prairie’s science team and others to ensure that the best and latest in scientific understanding is applied to the project.


Donald Kennedy – Chair
Editor-in-Chief, Science
President Emeritus, Stanford University
Bing Professor Emeritus, Center for Environmental Science and Policy

Gretchen Daily
Bing Professor of Environmental Science and Senior Fellow of the
Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University

Paul Ehrlich
Bing Professor of Population Studies
Chairman, Center for Conservation Biology
Stanford University

Daniel Janzen
Professor of Conservation Biology
University of Pennsylvania

Thomas Lovejoy
Biodiversity Chair,
The Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment

Gordon H. Orians
Professor Emeritus
Department of Biology
University of Washington

Stuart L. Pimm
Doris Duke Professor of Conservation Ecology
Environmental Sciences and Policy Division
Duke University

Peter Raven
President, Missouri Botanical Garden
St. Louis, Missouri

John Terborgh
Director, Center for Tropical Conservation
Duke University

David S. Wilcove
Professor of Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Public Affairs
Woodrow Wilson School
Princeton University

Edward Osborne Wilson
University Research Professor Emeritus
Honorary Curator in Entomology
Harvard University


Watch E. O. Wilson discuss the BioBlitz on American Prairie:

E.O. Wilson Discusses BioBlitz