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Nearby Tribal Communities

Neighboring Native American communities include Fort Belknap Reservation to the west and Fort Peck Reservation to the east.

Developing strong relationships within these communities is important to us as we work to rebuild a seamless landscape for people and wildlife that was experienced for thousands of years by Native Americans and documented by explorers like Lewis and Clark. 

By respecting and learning about cultural teachings and ceremonies, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of tribal heritage and, in addition to being good over-the-fence neighbors, develop mutually beneficial collaborations. In cases where there are opportunities that don’t fit our mission, we offer to make introductions to people within our network that want to support the diverse endeavors of the Native American community.

Making Connections

Over time, we’ve been privileged to work with many people in the Fort Belknap Indian Community, specifically within the public schools and Aaniiih Nakoda College as well as with elders, the tribal council, wildlife managers, and spiritual leaders. American Prairie is also supportive of Fort Belknap’s tourism efforts.

The return and management of buffalo to the landscape is one area where American Prairie and tribal neighbors have found much common ground. We look forward to growing our collective knowledge of bison from ecological and cultural views by working with specialists at Fort Belknap and Fort Peck.



In 2014, we invited students from Fort Belknap schools to experience the return of buffalo on American Prairie lands. Six students were chosen to serve as gatekeepers, welcoming 73 bison calves to their new home on the prairie after being transferred from Canada’s Elk Island National Park.