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American Prairie is working to offer a boundless nature experience for all.

Although American Prairie is constantly expanding as we purchase new habitat, it's a place that you can already enjoy and explore. Herds of elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, pronghorn and the majestic American bison roam these grasslands. Resident and migrating birds fill the sky. Native American and homestead-era historical sites are preserved for your enjoyment and education. Stunning vistas provide a terrific backdrop for a long hike, bike ride or driving tour.

We invite you to request a map and visit this inspirational landscape and learn more about our vision for creating the largest nature reserve in the lower 48 states, open and accessible to current and future generations. Currently, American Prairie provides a wide range of visitation options, from self-guided, independent trips to safari-style experiences. Explore the pages below to learn more:


Travel to the region by train, plane, or vehicle and find driving directions for your time on the prairie.


American Prairie currently offers huts, tent and RV camping, and dispersed camping on your public lands.


What you need to know about when to go, what to pack, things to do, and things to see.


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