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Why Give?

We're different.

American Prairie’s mission means that we’re doing something really big for land, people, and wildlife in one special place. We’ve looked at reserves and conservation projects around the world and developed a collaborative model and bold road map for park building that works in the 21st century. With a community of innovators, optimists, and go-getters, American Prairie represents a solution rather than an organization searching for one. 

We're effective. 

Hundreds of thousands of acres added. A growing bison herd. Dozens of miles of fence removed. Visitors of all ages. Millions of dollars added to local economies. Science collaborators from across the globe. No matter your measure of success, American Prairie has decades of experience putting your donations to work to make an immediate impact.

You like our values.

In addition to getting work done, American Prairie is committed to working in a way that you (and we) can be proud of. Our values – Openness with Respect, Innovation and Optimism, Continuous Improvement, Execution, Sustainable Pace, and Teamwork – are a core part of our identity as a Board and staff and also represent how we run this business for donors like you.

You want achievable, lasting change.   

The prairie permanently preserves a uniquely American landscape that helps shape our nation’s character, from Indigenous Peoples to Lewis & Clark to modern day explorers. At a time when not much stays the same – and when there are seemingly more things that divide us than unite us – creating American Prairie is a way for you to make a difference in your lifetime and make sure that our natural heritage influences the lives of generations to come.