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Wild Sky

American Prairie Reserve is working to build the largest nature reserve in the contiguous United States – a refuge that is open and accessible for public enjoyment. People living and thriving among healthy populations of wildlife is critical to that success.

Wild Sky® is a collaboration between American Prairie Reserve and ranchers that are living and operating in key wildlife corridors and within neighboring communities in central Montana. Participating ranchers can commit to a menu of wildlife-friendly ranching practices that have been identified as beneficial to conservation. Upon successful implementation of those practices, American Prairie Reserve makes direct cash payments to participating ranchers, which are made possible in part from APR donor support. By partnering with our ranching neighbors in this way, the borders of the Reserve are softened and become a buffer of tolerance and support for wildlife.

The program is mutually beneficial for both ranchers and American Prairie Reserve, and is an example of the tangible impact of donor support. Wild Sky rewards the good stewardship of ranchers, provides a benefit for welcoming wildlife (that otherwise could be a burden), and contributes to a landscape in which both people and wildlife can thrive.

Ranchers interested in participating or learning more about Wild Sky are invited to contact Daniel Kinka


American Prairie Reserve uses a tool called the Freese Scale to evaluate how land management decisions impact ecological conditions on our lands. Wild Sky’s wildlife-friendly protocols are also based on the scale, resulting in softer boundaries between ranch lands and the Reserve.