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Wild Sky

In order to build the largest nature reserve in the continental United States in the heart of cattle country, we have to think strategically.

Wildlife need to be able to move in and out of the project area as they migrate between wildlife corridors. This means creating opportunities for ranchers to benefit from wildlife. Wild Sky® does just that.

Wild Sky provides financial incentives to ranchers who make their lands increasingly hospitable to wildlife. Under the Wild Sky program, we sell premium grass-fed beef to support ranchers who are willing to give living alongside wildlife a try.

Soon, Wild Sky ranchers see wildlife as a benefit rather than a cost — and we’re that much further on our journey to creating a landscape in which both people and wildlife can thrive. Learn more about the wildlife-friendly ranching program on the Wild Sky website. 

Interested in becoming a Wild Sky rancher or selling Wild Sky products? Contact Daniel Kinka


American Prairie Reserve uses a tool called the Freese Scale to evaluate how land management decisions impact ecological conditions on our lands. Wild Sky’s wildlife-friendly protocols are also based on the scale, resulting in softer boundaries between ranch lands and the Reserve.