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Wildlife Restoration

Although this region was once known for its abundance of wildlife, current wildlife populations are greatly diminished. 

American Prairie works to rebuild wildlife populations in three strategic ways:

  1. Collaborating with state and federal agencies, who oversee all wildlife management decisions, on their population targets for at-risk species such as swift fox.
  2. Partnering with ranching operations around American Prairie's edges to increase tolerance for wildlife, reducing the amount of kills and the region's habitat fragmentation. 
  3. Restoring the habitat we own to create conditions that help animals move, eat, and thrive. 

Learn more about how your support helps wildlife:

Bison Restoration

American Prairie reintroduced bison in 2005 after a 120-year absence. Read about our bison goals, management, and progress over time. 

At-Risk Animals

Learn more about the research and action taking place to help prairie dogs, grassland birds, cougars, swift fox, pronghorn, and black-footed ferrets. 

Wild Sky Ranches

Ranchers enrolled in our Wild Sky program receive financial incentives to manage their properties in alignment with our goals for biodiversity. 

Habitat Restoration

Rebuilding wildlife populations means providing resilient and rich habitats. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about science and wildlife. 


Want to know which wildlife species live on and around American Prairie? Download the American Prairie Species List